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Biloxi Pale Ale (Pale Ale)

Biloxi Pale Ale is our newest year round release. First tasted by the public at January 2016 Top of the Hops beerfest, this was the winning beer in the “Peoples Choice” tasting at our booth. Weighing in at 5.0% ABV and 39 IBU’s, thanks in large part to our huge dry hopping schedule we are able to bring out the bitterness and hop aromas found in most IPA’s. Dry hopped with Citra, this really brings out the grapefruit notes in both the aroma and the flavor profile. We hope you all love this beer as much as we do, it’s been a while in the works, but it has FINALLY arrived!!

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Black Gold Breakfast Blend (Foreign / Extra Stout)

Our second release in our Coastal Life Series, Breakfast Blend is our same great Black Gold base beer, that we took a step further, and aged on fresh roasted, whole coffee beans we sourced from Coast Roast in Long Beach, MS.  Same fantastic foreign extra stout with notes of chocolate and roast, now with the subtle hints of coffee.  Pairs beautifully with chocolate, ice cream, and BBQ!!

Craft Beer for the Coastal Life

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Salty Dog (Gose)

Welcome, our first selection in the Coastal Life Series from Biloxi Brewing Company stable of beers, Salty Dog!!  Salty Dog is a Gose (pronounced Goes-Uh), and is an ancient German style unfiltered wheat beer with sea salt and coriander. Sea Salt is added to mimic the salinity of the natural spring waters found in the region where this style originates, which is adjacent to salt mines, and coriander was used to offset that saltiness in the beer.  Lightly hopped, just enough to offset the mild sweetness.

This will be a limited release, the first, in what we are calling the Coastal Life Series!  NOT a seasonal, but a limited release, so when you see it on your store shelves, buy it, because once it’s gone, you won’t see it again until the summer.    Look for more varieties to be coming out later in the Coastal Life Series.

In the meantime, get yourself some Salty Dog, and enjoy a Craft Beer for the Coastal Life!


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Black Gold (Foreign / Extra Stout)

Black Gold is our award-winning beer based on extra stouts historically brewed in Ireland which traditionally boasted higher alcohol and hopping rates, enabling it to keep for long sea voyages to British colonies throughout the world. Featuring the unmistakable deep-dark color and roasted malt flavors you’d expect in a stout, Black Gold, with its crisp yet restrained bitterness, rewards the drinker with a velvety smooth sensation on the palate.

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Blonde (Kölsch)

Biloxi Blonde is our coastal take on a Kölsch, the local brew of Cologne, Germany.. This classic straw-blond brew is light in body, with subdued maltiness, and hoppiness while offering a delightful effervescence. A great quaffing beer, subtle and delicate- perfect for a southern summer thirst!

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